Logistics services play an extremely important role in the supply chain of goods Improving the quality of logistics will promote economic growth for businesses Hkexpress logistics service will be the optimal choice for you.

What is logistics service?

Warehouse is a place to store and preserve goods

Logistics services provide warehousing, storage and preservation services This service also includes the transportation of goods from the place of origin to the place of destination through many different modes (maybe road, air, waterway, railway, combined, …)

Challenges to develop logistics services in Vietnam

Challenges to develop logistics services in Vietnam

Logistics is no longer a strange concept for all businesses supplying, exporting/importing goods However, the current warehouse service problem still has many limitations that need to be overcome

  • Regarding the quality of logistics services: The quality of logistics services such as area, warehouse quality, transportation support services, etc. what many businesses and customers find. Unsecured service quality will directly affect the quality of goods and products.
  • Application of information technology and e-commerce: It seems that logistics services in Vietnam have a low rate of technology application and lack of system linkage while foreign enterprises always have very high requirements for logistics services automation, flexible application.
  • Human resources for service: Inland logistics services are mostly self-trained when working, so their knowledge and professionalism are limited.

Hkexpress logistics service

Hkexpress logistics service

Along with the development of other service industries, Hkexpress logistics service is also gradually asserting its position in today’s volatile market.

Hkexpress provides customers with warehouses of components that ensure to meet customers’ needs such as warehouses of raw materials, materials, and finished goods warehouses.

Hkexpress’s logistics service always ensures the quality and quantity of goods, is ready to meet and logistics for the production process if needed, divides goods into separate shipments, …

Contact Hkexpess immediately to use the best quality logistics service Besides, Hkpress also provides freight services such as air, sea, road, … Contact us immediately for the fastest support.


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