According to regulations, in international goods transactions, goods need to be fully declared at customs according to the procedures and requirements of the law However, customs declaration needs to follow the correct process and requires businesses to know the customs declaration profession Hkexpress customs declaration service will support you to the fullest in this work.

What is customs declaration?

Customs declaration steps

Customs declaration is a familiar concept in all international goods transactions This service includes declaration procedures at border gates, seaports and airports to allow goods to be imported/exported out of/into the country’s borders.

Purpose of customs declaration

Customs declaration is a mandatory procedure in import/export of goods

Customs declaration procedures are mandatory in the import/export of goods, because:

  • Customs declaration helps to ensure and manage the source of goods entering / exiting the territory, eliminating the case of buying and selling banned goods such as drugs, weapons, wild animals, etc.
  • In addition, customs declaration procedures will help the state easily collect taxes, ensuring the construction of a “clean” and developed economy.

Hkexpress customs declaration service

Hkexpress customs declaration service

Hkexpress provides reputable and quality customs declaration services, ensuring fast clearance time.

  • Complete customs procedures quickly, only 1-2 days for imported goods, 1 day for export goods
  • The best cost of procedures and delivery services
  • Experienced and professional staff
  • Quick quote
  • Timely troubleshooting (if any) to meet the fastest delivery schedule for customers

Contact Hkexpress immediately to make all customs procedures simpler and faster In addition, Hkexpress also provides many domestic and international transportation services such as air, marine, road transport, etc The services of Hkexpress will not disappoint you.


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